We live in an ‘innovation age’, where creativity and know-how are the watchwords. At Deerhunter, we also have a creative mindset, but not for creativity’s sake: it is functionality that motivates us. Our products build on our long-standing experience and on the belief that customer satisfaction is an all-important parameter.


The textile company F. Engel K/S was founded in 1927 as a family business. It was extended in 1985 with Deerhunter Outdoor Clothing, an obvious step in light of the Engel family’s enthusiasm for hunting. A passion which means that the products come into being out of a desire to create them, and that our company is not just a business, but a way of life.


Our motto is – hunting! Our vision of creating quality products with a high degree of comfort means that Deerhunter is now represented in over 30 countries, and that in 2009 Deerhunter was granted a Royal Warrant to supply Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Household, an appointment we are extremely proud of.


We take immense pride in delivering first-class products to all hunters – whatever they hunt and their hunting traditions.

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