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The new Deerhunter catalogue is packed with high-quality products designed for bow, shotgun and/or rifle hunters. 

Real hunters are usually dog owners, or perhaps anglers or forestry owners. We have therefore developed practical clothing which is suitable for wearing before, during and after the hunt and in all kinds of weather. 

Practical information
The catalogue is simply organised with a table of contents for each clothing category, making it easier for you to navigate. 

On pages 6-9, you will find a brief overview of new and existing hunting outfits, and at the back of the catalogue there is a description of the technical symbols with explanations of the treatments the clothes have been given. On page 129, you will find a practical guide with our recommendations for the right layer-on-layer clothing. 

We give priority to environmentally-certified manufacturers and products
For Deerhunter, we use Oeko-Tex®, for example, in many of our products. Oeko-Tex® is the world’s leading health certification for textiles. 

Deerhunter born global 
In 1985, Carl D. Engel launched a range of hunting wear on the basis of his passion for hunting in all four corners of the Earth, and from the very outset he saw the world as a potential market for hunting clothing. That is how it was back then – and how it still is today, where we are developing innovative hunting wear adapted to our customers, the environment, the current fashion and the latest technology.  


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