South Africa is well known for some of the best hunting destinations in the world.

Offering a rich variety of animals, terrain and areas to cover, Ian Harford was in for a challenging yet special day of hunting.

Eland may be Africa's biggest antelope but they're masters of melting into the bush. Ian takes to the hills at dawn wearing his Deerhunter Avanti hunting suit in Realtree Xtra Green.

The equipment you use is essential to get you as close to your quarry as possible. Elands prefer to live in semi-arid areas that contain many shrub-like bushes.
They often inhabit grasslands, bush and mountain tops so the Deerhunter Avanti is the perfect hunting suit as it allows the body to breathe and blend into the surroundings.

 At such high temperatures it is essential to keep hydrated with the challenging terrain and the heat it can easily lead to severe dehydration if you don't take in sufficient amounts of water.

A male Eland is around 1.6 metres tall at the shoulder and can weigh in excess of 1,100lb. Constant glassing helps scout the surrounding terrain, identify species and genre, then ultimately helps you structure a well thought out plan.

Blending into your surroundings is essential. Ian Harford has chosen the Deerhunter Avanti, allowing him to get as close to his quarry as possible.

Once in position, Ian waits for the perfect opportunity to take a calculated shot.

Ian Harford with his magnificent Eland antelope. A tough, emotional and challenging day proved successful.

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