As a hunter I am a conservationist, first and foremost. It’s my responsibility to ensure healthy populations of game exist for many generations to come.

I must know my land intimately, its flora and fauna, and I’m careful to choose the right animal to harvest and always employ a holistic approach to sustainable game management. 

Ladder stands provide a great platform from which to shoot, but don't offer any protection from the elements so it's vital to choose your clothing carefully. The weather can change at any moment.

This seat is positioned to provide good visibility and arc of fire down several woodland rides. These are perfect for catching deer crossing between dense wooded areas.

Good optics are essential for spotting and properly identifying your quarry. Choosing the right animal to cull is critical for successful deer management.

Patience is key. Wait for the right shot to present itself, choose your point of impact, then calmly and deliberately squeeze the trigger.


Muntjac have their own unique appearance, which I find very beautiful. Here you can clearly see the tusks, which males use for sparring.

This is a young buck, but you can clearly see the facial markings and short, stubby antlers coming through.

Cameras are a useful tool is determining the number, gender and age of your deer. These Bushnell HD Trophy Cams in Realtree Xtra camo capture both images and videos in all light conditions.

Feeding during the winter months helps to concentrate the population of deer. That way they can be monitored and the right animals chosen to cull.

The hopper style feeders are also accessible by other forest creatures such as squirrels, pheasants and badgers.

Another successful mornings deer management is rewarded by some unexpected sunshine. You really never can predict the weather.

For Muntjac management in the UK, Ian has chosen the Deerhunter Muflon set in Realtree Max-5 camo pattern. 


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