Deer stalking isn’t a skill that can be learnt overnight, if you aren’t fully prepared one wrong step could send your game running for the hills.

Below are our five tips to help you stalk closer into your deer.

Read The Wind

Your scent will carry a long way with a strong wind, so it is essential that you use the wind direction to your advantage wherever possible. We suggest you take along a small plastic bottle full of chalk which when squeezed, gives off a very faint plume of powder. If you don’t have a chalk bottle, a few blades of grass thrown up into the air will let you see which directions it’s blowing.

Once you know the direction of the wind, you can begin to stalk into the correct direction and without giving away your position.


Your body shows up as a dark outlined shape to deer, if you break this shape up, you have a better chance of getting closer.

You need to break up this outline to avoid detection. A lightweight jacket with the appropriate camouflage will help you blend into the surroundings.

Deerhunter Predator

Don’t forget about your hands and face! Many people forget to cover these areas, but they are vital parts to conceal. When you bring your rifle up for the shot your hands will stand out, a good pair or gloves is a necessity. A facemask will also cover any remaining skin that the deer might pick up on.  


Make all movement small, slow and deliberate. Be positive in the direction you are moving. Any sudden, swift actions will no doubt attract unwanted attention.

Feel The Ground

How many times have you stalked in close only to spook your quarry with a snapped twig? Feel the ground with your feet before placing your whole weight on the ground.

Keep your eyes on your quarry, and feel your way over the ground with your feet.

Move At The Right Time

Only move when the deer is pre-occupied. When it drops its head to graze or paying attention to others in the herd that’s your cue to move. Keep a watch on the deer and when it looks up, you stop. It’s simple but you would be surprised at the amount of people that forget this concept.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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