Dress For The Occasion. It’s not just about looking smart; you need to blend into your surroundings.

Grouse are very wary birds; darker colours are more suitable to the surroundings. No bright colours as this would attract unwanted attention and have them splitting left and right in no time!

Eye Wear

Wearing eye protection is very important. It can be very windy on the hill.  Stood in the shooting butt you are lower to the ground and a face full of dust can have you wiping your eyes as the little grouse rocket past you. Also, the tinted lenses will allow you to pick out birds on those brighter days.

Deerhunter Bushwood

Always think Safety

As soon as you arrive at your shooting butt, quickly get settled into your area. Once you’ve done this spend some time observing your surroundings, have a good look around at the neighboring butts and identify your safe kill zones. Don’t deviate from them once you have decided where is safe and where is not. It’s easy to forget in the heat of the action.

Make sure everyone is in position before you start shooting.

You must also be mindful when shooting at grouse coming the wrong way through the line. Shoot the grouse instinctively as the gun locks into your shoulder.


Keep still and stay as quiet as possible. It’s the same as any other bird shooting, if they see you, they will try to go around you rather than over you…and that means you will be sending them to your neighbouring guns. This goes for your loader as well, especially when the butts are raised out of the floor or on the skyline. Good footwork is vital; you need to be able to set your feet quickly depending on which side you are going to shoot.

As the drive begins, hold your gun with the muzzle low to the ground.


Know Your Limits

Picking the right bird can be a difficult task. Nerves, excitement, and being anxious are just a few things that could affect your shooting. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable and confident then don’t take the shot. Once you have loosened up and begin to connect, you will naturally begin to stretch your boundaries. It can be frustrating to start missing long birds at the start of the day so play it safe.

Make Your Mark

It is absolutely essential that you keep looking at the bird until it falls, don’t rush your first shot in the hope of using your second on another bird. Make sure the bird falls before you leave it.

You will be responsible for remembering where you have dropped your birds so make sure that you mark them down on the markers if provided. If not, try to make a mental note. Looking forward from your butt, use hours to locate dropped birds e.g. 1 down at 11 O Clock. The picker up can use this to cast out from and retrieve the birds.

Good luck and enjoy the experience!


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