The red grouse shooting season extends from the 12th August, often renowned as the 'Glorious Twelfth', marking the start of the Great British Shooting Season and runs through until 10th December each year.

Grouse shooting occurs on the moorland areas of England and Scotland. Red grouse is widely considered to be a Scottish bird however, in England grouse shooting takes place as far south as Dark Peak in Derbyshire. Generally, driven grouse shooting (where beaters drive the birds towards the guns), usually occurs when the post- breeding grouse populations exceed densities of 60/km2.

Walked up grouse shooting usually takes place when the birds are at a lower density, here birds are flushed out by dogs or walked shooters.

Whether driven or walked up, grouse shooting is characterised by a strict code of conduct to ensure best practice. Popular among elite and shooting enthusiasts, the date signifies one of the busiest days of the shooting season with large amounts of game being shot. With guns travelling from all over the world to shoot during this short period, millions are generated for local economies, creating hundreds of jobs.

Red Grouse are wild game birds unique to Britain. Unlike pheasant or partridge, the red grouse population cannot be reared artificially to any extent for shooting by gamekeepers. This results in fluctuating numbers naturally from year to year. With the ability to fly at fast speeds of up to 80mph, grouse require high levels of skill to shoot.

Grouse are under constant threat from predators such as foxes, crows and stoats, as well as being prone to diseases including Strongylosis and Louping ill. The commitment and investment from the long-standing tradition of gamekeepers means the moors are carefully maintained to optimise conditions for the breeding and wellbeing of grouse. A range of additional species benefit from predator control and habitat management carried out for red grouse.

How to dress for walked up Grouse Shooting this summer in the UK:

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