Ian Harford

Name: Ian Harford
Age:  I’m currently 42 years old
Country: I was born in Los Angeles, USA on May 5th 1975.
Hunting Since: Since 1986 age 11. That’ll be 31 years (and counting)
Where do you hunt: I hunt all over the world including deer, game birds, foxes and small game here in the UK, plus many international hunting adventures each year across the globe.
Preferred hunting type: I love hunting in the mountains and wilderness locations for many species including chamois, moose and mountain goat. Just surviving these extreme environments is hard enough, but adding to this the challenge of hunting an animal that is perfectly evolved to thrive in these remote areas needs skill, physical ability and mental fortitude.
Choice of weapon: I enjoy hunting with a variety of different weapons including rifle, bow, shotgun and airgun. Each has it’s own place and requires the same level of skill and commitment to use effectively.

Best hunting experience
Has to be my recent wilderness hunt in Alaska with my good friend Steve Wild. Not only was the environment spectacular, but the hunt pushed us to the very limits of our abilities. Working together as a team we managed to harvest seven of the eight animals we had tags for, skinning, butchering and packing out the animals on foot across incredibly challenging terrain in some of the worst weather conditions imaginable. We had to draw on all of the hunting skills we’ve developed over the years and our sheer determination to succeed. It was a humbling experience that has forever changed me as a hunter.

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How did you become interested in hunting? 

I’ve had a fascination with hunting and shooting sports since I was a child. I was first introduced to airgun hunting by my Uncle when I was 11 and soon became excited by the challenge of getting closer and closer to my quarry. As I got older, I discovered new hunting methods, species and destinations. It’s a lifelong passion of learning new experiences and meeting likeminded people.

What is your dream hunting destination and why?

I love wilderness hunts in extreme environments, in locations where you are just part of the food chain like every other animal and need to be at your very best just to survive. Hunting in Alaska was a lifelong dream, now realised. However, it changed me as a hunter and I still have many hunting adventures there I want to explore including dall sheep, mountain goat and musk ox in the Arctic circle. 

How do you prepare for a hunt? 

No matter whether I am deer hunting on my own ground or wilderness hunting in some far flung location, I am meticulous in my preparation, leaving nothing to chance. I set up my equipment specifically for each species/location and practice my marksmanship skills to ensure I’m both confident and capable of successfully harvesting my quarry. Each time I hunt, I select only the equipment I need and have a practiced routing for landing the truck and my pack. The only thing I need to think about then is how I approach my quarry.

What has been your most challenging hunt? 

Why most challenging hunt was my my mountain goat hunt in the Rocky Mountains of south-east British Columbia back in 2011. The weather was insane, with temperatures as low as –35° celsius, gale force winds and driving snow. We had to break the ice to cross rivers and were caught up in several mini-avalanches before finally making the summit of the mountain and harvesting a majestic white billy. It was the most beautiful, but treacherous environment I’d experienced and took all of my physical and mental strength to make it back to camp.

What advise will you give to a new hunter? 

Remember that you are undertaking a journey, one that you are unlikely to ever complete. Approach each new experience with an open mind and allow yourself the opportunity to learn from everyone you meet, whether it’s learning new skills or perhaps sometimes what not to do! Have respect for your quarry, your environment, your fellow hunters and yourself. Take care of your equipment and practice until each of your skills becomes second nature. Enjoy the beauty and magnificence of nature, but don’t underestimate her. After all, she always wins in the end…

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