Name: Patrik Bollrath
Age:  I’m 28 years old
Country: Germany (Schleswig-Holstein)
Hunting since: 2010
Where do you usually hunt? I hunt mostly in Germany. The North of Germany is my favourite. Here you can easily find every type of game and the coastal landscape is unique. Here I mostly hunt our native game like red deer, fallow deer, wildnoars and roe deer, which is my favourite of them all.
Which forms of hunting do you prefer? Each type of hunting and shooting has its own appeal. I find all hunting and shooting activities which require my active participation particularly exciting. Stalking any wild animal is the best part of hunting for me. I am also fascinated by calling roe bucks during the rut and shooting geese and crows over decoys. Of course, a good driven hunt also has its own charm and its excitement is hard to match.
What is your preferred weapon? I like a lot of guns. What’s important for me is that I can rely on the weapon and optics in any situation. I currently use a modified Sauer 100 with .308 calibre. As a scope I mostly use the 3-12x56 by Steiner. Of course, I also use a silencer. At the moment, the Hausken JD184xtrem is my favourite.

Best hunting experience:
Every hunting experience is special to me and leaves a lasting impression in my memory. So it’s hard to determine which is really the best. Maybe it was the first deer I shot at home on my own hunting ground. A really special and emotional experience. Maybe it was even on a little driven hunt with a few good friends, when I bagged three wildboars, two reds and a red stag within the first hour. The memories could carry on like this because every experience is unique, especially if you can share it with good friends.

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Patrik recommends

Deerhunter Predator series

"For me, the Predator Hunting Jacket and the Predator Trousers are the ideal garments in the warm months. They are super light and very comfortable. Thanks to the silent and light fabric, they are ideally suited for stalking. The EQ camouflage pattern makes me almost invisible in the forest."

Deerhunter Greenock Underwear

"The Greenock Underwear is an absolute must for me in autumn and winter. It is highly functional and keeps me warm and dry. I also find the set very comfortable and if any long underwear looks good, then it’s this. One of my absolute favourite pieces of hunting gear."

Deerhunter Avanti Smock in Max-5

"Whether stalking or winged game hunting, the Avanti Smock camouflages and protects me from wind, water and the extremely good eyes of the wild. With the well-designed pocket system, there’s a place for all of my equipment, from gloves to binoculars, in this anorak. A really good product for the active hunt which I can no longer do without."

Deerhunter Highland Jacket – long

"When hunting time starts in the autumn, the clothes must not only be functional but also look good. With the Highland Jacket I’m also protected from bad weather and can concentrate fully on the flying pheasants and ducks. The jacket is also a perfect fit and makes an elegant impression. With this jacket you can really be seen on every hunt."

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How did you become interested in hunting?
Even though there are no hunters in my family, I was already interested in hunting at the age of 10. I have literally swallowed up every book about hunting and so I have expanded my interest more and more. As children we were always out looking for antlers and going fishing. Fishing remains my second passion.

Do you have a dream destination as a hunter and why?
England and Alaska are particularly tempting to me. I like the English approach to field sports and would love to bag a chinese water deer and a munjack one day. I would also like to take part in a real English pheasant shoot one day. As for Alaska, I am fascinated by the untouched nature and the wild. Hunting there is a real dream of mine.

How do you prepare for a hunt?
I always prepare myself very accurate for a hunt and don’t like leaving anything to chance. For hunts on my own hunting ground, my backpack is always packed and to hand. For longer trips I often pack my clothes a lot earlier and always prefer to have too much so that I’m well equipped for anything. Of course, training with the equipment is also part of the preparation. Training your skills with the weapon never stops and the targets are constantly being put back up. Mental preparation also plays a major role. Only if you have played through different situations in your head will you manage a plan B.

What tips would you like to give to new hunters?
Hunting is an individual matter for every human being and we all have to find the right way for ourselves. You must never stop learning from your own actions and from others, whether they are good things or things you would rather not do. Only then will you really evolve and become better at what you do and love. Use the equipment you can trust, because in many cases this can decide whether or not you’re successful. Keep in mind that once the hunt has a grip on you, it will never let you go.

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