Alex Waller

Name: Alex Waller
Age:  27 born 1990
Hunting Since: 2007
Where do you hunt: Northamptonshire
Preferred hunting type: Muntjac and roe because that’s what available and is in need of Managment on my permissions 
Choice of weapon: Tikka 243 custom from UK gunworks with a McMillan stock. Lovely light crisp trigger. Fluted barrel. Not too heavy for long stalks.

More about Alex Waller

Why test for Deerhunter?

Deerhunter’s high quality and extremely comfortable products have long been a staple part of my hunting kit, so I was delighted when they wanted to work together providing some gear for me to test out in the field on my hunting outings.

What do you think about the products you got for the test?

I opted for the Mufflon light jacket and trouser set, which I found light enough for early autumn stalks, whilst keeping me warm and dry when sat still in the high seat at sunset. We all know there is nothing worse than feeling the cold when sat in the high seat for hours! A nice little feature was the suede lining on the underarms and inner thighs that really cut down any excess rustling noise.

Deerhunter suggested the Verdun Jacket, showing their expertise, as it has become my favorite jacket for nighttime lamping and managing vermin numbers on the estate, keeping me warm and dry for the whole evening.

The thought and detail throughout the new Mufflon range really shows it was made by hunters, for hunters, as I found out when stalking in the pouring rain the other week. Whilst tucked up against a tree staring at water droplets through my scope, I remembered the front pocket which has a handy glass cleaner attached on an elastic chain, a few wipes later and the glass was dry and streak free!

How come you became interested in hunting?

My road to becoming a hunter started in my teens at my best friends farm, where his dad would let us help take some pigeons off the crop fields with the shotgun he owned. This was the beginning of something special. I have always loved the outside so the fieldcraft aspect, building a hide, waiting for the pigeons, trying to decoy them and everything that goes with it really resonated with me. I was hooked.

Fast forward ten years and I’m playing professional rugby for Northampton Saints and my team mate, Tom Wood, starts talking about his weekend deer stalking. I was keen to know more so Tom and our mentor Chris, who I’m sure has been stalking longer than I’ve been alive, took me on my first stalk. I lucked out and took a lovely Munjac; this Munjac buck was my first experience of field to plate. I loved the idea of being responsible for my food, knowing where it came from, who handled it and how everything was made.

I feel taking a life is a serious event and treating the animal with respect after you’ve pulled the trigger is an important aspect of the process for me, because of this I try to use every part of the animal I can.

Tom and I have now been stalking and hunting together for 5 years, amassing several permission between us. They all have strong numbers on Munjac, Roe and some Transient Fallow herds. A Red Stag, which had clearly escaped from a deer park crossed our permission once, the sheer size of the animal compared to our regular Roe was phenomenal. Needless to say we left that deer and asked the farmer if he knew of any near by deer farms.

What advise will you give to a new hunter?

We have been lucky enough to work with a local gamekeeper in Towcester and Northampton, controlling his deer numbers and vermin on an estate that has a large pheasant shoot. Having someone experienced to help and advice you when you first get started is a massive help and I would suggest to anyone starting out to enlist the expertise of someone more experienced. I’ve found the stalking and hunting community to be a small one that’s more than willing to share and pass on knowledge, which has allowed me to develop much quicker than learning on my own.

This said it is important to remember you’re going to make mistakes; you will spook that perfect buck stood side on 40 yards away. You will get the wind wrong and watch the whole herd run off after a 3 hour stalk (both of which I have done and learned from).

What is your dream hunting destination and why?

I can only imagine what it’s like for our friends in America starting out, a week stalking that elusive deer across public land to blow it at the last moment, heartbreaking! But that’s stalking, that’s the part I enjoy being outside trying to outsmart these awesome animals. My dream is to one day take what I have leant so far in the UK and see how I fare across the Pond.

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