Elisabeth Idland
Name: Elisabeth Idland
Born: 1990 in Norway
Hunting since:  2017
Preferred hunting type:  Deer hunting, as well as hunting with dogs for deer, roe deer and fox.
Choice of weapon: That would have to be my Tikka T3 with GRS rifle stock, cal.6,5x55. Meopta Meostar 3-12x56 RD riflescope and Hausken JD224 silencer.
Preferred Deerhunter product:  That would absolutely be my Lady Christine hunting jacket.

More about Elisabeth Idland

How come you became interested in hunting?

I am 28 years old and I come from Norway. I am still relatively new when it comes to hunting, but I have always been interested in nature and wildlife. In 2016, I joined my step-father, who has always been a hunter, for some hunting trips to see what it was like. The year after that, I started the hunting profiency test, and then took the big game shooting test immediately. In Norway, we have to do the hunting proficiency test in order to hunt in general. You only have to take this test once. The big game shooting test has to be taken each year in order to hunt for big game.

In 2017, I shot my first deer buck, which was a 12 pointer, and from then on, I was just absolutely besotted with anything that had to do with hunting. Since then, I have been hunting as much as I can.

My partner, who has been hunting for years, has access to many hunting areas. In those areas, we are able to hunt for roe deer, elk, deer, fox, hare and grouse. Being able to engage in game management is incredibly rewarding for me, and it is something I consider to be very important.

This year, we have received a Black Norwegian Elkhound, which we will use as a hunting dog for elk and deer, but also to search for injured wildlife. He performed well in training, so I am very excited to bring him along during the autumn hunt.

Elisabeth Idland

What is your dream-hunting destination?

I would love to go tree-top hunting in Sweden and shoot a capercaillie. Of course, my big dream is to hunt in Canada.

Why test for Deerhunter?

I am extremely interested in having clothes that work well for my hobby. It needs to have good quality and comfort. With all the different types of hunting that I do, I need various types of clothes - and this is something that Deerhunter is really good at. They have a wide range, something for everyone, and the quality is excellent.

I would say that Deerhunter has something for every hunter.

How do you prepare for a hunt?

I always prepare for the hunt in advance the night before. I always check what the weather and wind will be like at our hunting destination. I take out all the suitable hunting clothes that we will be taking with us and charge the radio and whatever else requires power over night. I take out the bag I will be using, and I put extra clothes, a powerbank, knife, rope, a seat pad, head torch and extra batteries in it.

When is a hunting experience good?

A hunting experience is good when you go to bed with a smile that night. My best hunting experience was the first real hunt that I did with my own weapon. This was in the west of Norway, in Sogn and Fjordane. We went to hunt deer here.

We got up early in order to climb the highest and steepest mountains, so that we could get to our posts before hunting started at the bottom of the mountain. That feeling of mastery, of getting to the top after a lot of hard work and looking out over Norway’s most beautiful fjords is a joy in itself. Then the excitement begins. You sit ready at your post and closely follow everything that is happening over the radio and in the terrain. After some time at the post, I heard some noises coming from the forest. My pulse quickened, and I could feel my heart beating faster than ever before. After a while, a large deer buck stepped out in front of me, and a thousand thoughts raced through my mind. But I managed to collect myself, aim and pull the trigger.

The buck turned and ran back into the forest, and after a few seconds I heard it fall to the ground. I had shot my first game, and it was a large buck!! I felt overwhelmed and tears streamed down my face. But I had to remain quietly at my post, as more animals could arrive.

20 minutes later, I heard another sound nearing my post, and suddenly there was a new and beautiful deer buck in my sights. I pulled the trigger and it fell where I could see it. Like that, I had first shot a 12 pointer and then a beautiful 10 pointer. What a day!!

What advise will you give to a new hunter?

As a new hunter, you have to invest greatly in yourself. Everything from clothes to equipment, to the moment that you are out in that terrain on your first hunt. In order to have a great experience, it is important to choose the right clothes and equipment. This will make it easier to focus on the actual hunt and what is happening out in the terrain. To start off well, ask the more experienced hunters for advice. You can ask some hunters that you know personally or find some on social media. During your first hunt, rather go with someone who has been hunting for a while, as you will learn a lot about how to behave during the hunt.

If you are lucky and you shoot your first animal, the more experienced hunters can teach you how to manage it. I am also relatively new, and every day that I hunt I learn something new. I don’t think one can ever learn everything there is to know about hunting. But I am extremely happy that I was tough enough to try hunting, even though I am a girl and it is mainly a man’s sport. I have many great memories from my hours on the terrain with good friends.

I urge everyone who is interested in hunting and nature, or if you are just curious about what hunting is all about, never to be afraid to ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Hunting is a passion that provides an unbelievable number of fantastic experiences out in the open.

What advice will you give when buying hunting clothes?

When buying hunting clothes, it is important to consider which type of hunting you will be using the clothes for. Does your type of hunting require any special needs? Start closest to your body and choose a good inside layer. Then a lot of what you need will be covered.

Then choose the hunting jacket that is suitable for your type of hunting. If you are in doubt, ask someone with experience or someone who works with hunting clothes. It is an important part of a good hunting day.

For me, the most important thing is good socks. Preferably wool. I do not want to get cold feet. Then the rest of my body will also get cold. So good socks, and preferably never go without a good hat.

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