Flemming Sørensen

Name: Flemming Sørensen
Born: 1973 i Brovst
Started hunting in:  1989
Where do you usually hunt: I go hunting abroad once or twice a year, typically for roe buck, using a rifle. However, I mostly prefer hunting in Denmark, as it is very diverse and gives me many opportunities within the forms of hunting I prioritise.
What types of hunting do you prefer:  I am fascinated by hunting with pointers. There are many factors that need to work together to achieve success – and a unique hunting experience. Hunting partridges in September in open countryside, or snipe in the autumn are the pinnacle for me. I also enjoy the buck hunt during summer, and a good teal hunt that gets the adrenal pumping.
What’s your favourite weapon: The day I got my hunting license I also got a Beretta 687L. It has stuck with me through thick and thin ever since. It’s getting pretty worn by now ...
Best hunting experience: That’s very difficult to answer – there have been so many unique experiences. But I shot my first snipe over my pointer back in 1989. That memory is still very vivid for me.
Favourite Deerhunter product:  The Monteria collection is extremely good!

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When did you first become interested in hunting?

Hunting and the outdoors have always been an important part of my life. I was born and raised in North Jutland in a small town on the Limfjord called Øland. I have been involved in hunting from an early age. It has always been a natural part of daily life, and our family friends were also keen hunters.

I had many opportunities to join the hunt before I got my hunting license, particularly through my father and brother-in-law, Søren Lassen. The hunting hosts that invited them very kindly invited me as well. I’m very thankful for that today!

How do you prepare for a hunt?

I generally like to be well prepared – and this also applies to hunting. Since I prefer hunting with pointers, I invest a lot of time in dog training before the hunt. Dogs have to be trained and ready for the job. A disobedient dog can quickly ruin the day for everyone.

If I am going rifle hunting, I always prepare by sighting in the rifle. I do this 3-4 times a year.

What’s your dream hunting destination and why?

I have three ‘trophies’ which I really want to achieve. The first is that I hope to score a ‘snipe double’. Despite the fact that I often hunt snipe and shoot many each year, I have yet to score a ‘double’, and ideally with a pointer.

The second is to shoot a capercaillie in a neighbouring Scandinavian country, and finally, a hunting trip to England or Scotland for grouse with pointers would be really unique. But it’s not the number of trophies that counts for me – it’s the experiences!

What advice would you give someone new to hunting?

Get well informed and well prepared before you start to go hunting. For me, having a very good, obedient dog opened up many invitations, as these are always in demand. I often agree to hunts where I take only my dog (and no gun). These give me good experience and are very pleasant. I also learned how to play a hunting horn when I was younger, and offered to help consortiums establish feeding fields and with feeding and chainsaw work, etc.

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