Max Hickling

Name: Max Hickling
Age:  Born in 1999 (age 18)
Country: United Kingdom
Hunting Since: Been shooting since i was 12, since then i've studied to become a Gamekeeper, since i finished education ive been documenting my daily life as a gamekeeper on my Instagram page
Where do you hunt: Work as a gamekeeper, mostly conducting pestcontrol & game shooting of pheasants, duck, partridge and deer! 
Preferred hunting type: Favourite game species is Woodcock! Just for their shear speed, manoeuvrability and the long flights they do every year!
Choice of weapon: 12 Bore Shotgun, it gives ethical kills when shot at sensible ranges on most species of game i shoot, it also gives relatively less meat damage when you're eating what you shoot!

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Why test for Deerhunter?

I've used Deerhunter products for most of my shooting life so far, it started off being the best clothing I could get at the cheapest price, now I use Deerhunter for its amazing quality, customer services and the most cost effective, high performance hunting clothing on the market today!

How come you became interested in hunting?

I’m not really from a hunting background, most of my family have never hunted, but from the age of around 7 or 8 I started off beating on pheasant shoots with my Uncle, where through growing up and meeting people who open your eyes to the many different areas of hunting and shooting the UK has to offer, I fell in love with hunting and I haven't looked back since! I set my sights on becoming a gamekeeper, managed to enroll and gain a scholarship at one of the UK's best Countryside management college's and that led to the job I have now!

Dream hunt destination and why?

I've always been fond of the allure of the wild expanse of driven hunting in Europe, probably Germany just for the immense respect that the game over there receives! I think it’s a magnificent event from the start to the end and I would be very proud to witness that myself!

How do you prepare for a hunt?

In my role as a gamekeeper I can be hunting for many different species of prey, from Corvids to foxes, all in an effort to protect and conserve numbers of ground nesting birds, in that respect my job contains a lot of pest control but to prepare for that as well as any hunt, you must prepare for the landscape you're entering, be it a warm summers day on a cut grass field or a snowy expanse of open moorland, you have to pick the right gear to suit the occasion, the right weapon, the right clothing, even the right time, most of the hunt can be easily achievable if you put in the effort to prepare before hand and to learn about the species you're hunting. I like to keep myself fit before a hunt, constantly researching and gathering information about the species I’m hunting.

What has been your most challenging hunt?

My most challenging hunt to this day has been walked up grouse shooting in Yorkshire England on an expanse of unkeepered moorland on the 12th August 2015 I was 15, it was the hottest day in August in the past few years, to firstly say the Wild Red Grouse is the King of the gamebirds is no mean feat, but shooting them walked up on an unmanaged moor on what felt like the hottest day of the year carrying your shotgun, ammunition, and the grouse you shot for over 19 miles took its toll! 

What advice would you give to a new hunter?

I love getting the chance to talk to my followers and trying to respond to all the questions I receive regarding my opinions on differing topics in hunting and shooting, but the two main pieces of advice I have for new hunters is that you're always learning, never underestimate any advise you're given and Secondly, always respect your Quarry, whether its a Stoat or a Red Stag both animals deserve respect!

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