Name: Matt Kirk
Age:  31 year old

Matt Kirk comes from a family of wing shooters and was introduced to the sport by his grandfather. Matt specialises in Coastal Wildfowling in Great Britain. Matt is the proprietor of award winning MPK Custom Calls, makers of highly acclaimed, bespoke hand made duck and goose calls.

Name: Nick Horten
Age:  63 year old

Nick Horten started Coastal Wildfowling at the age of 16 and has some 45 years experience of hunting duck and geese below the high water mark on the coastal marshes and mudflats that surround the British Isles. A wildfowling author and historian, Nick is also the Chairman of one of the U.K.`s foremost wildfowling clubs.

More about Nick

Where are you hunting now (mainly)

In the harbours of the south coast of England below the sea`s high water mark on the open intertidal foreshore, islands and mudflats.

What are you mainly hunting for?

Migratory waterfowl. Duck and geese. Mainly wigeon, teal, mallard, pintail, gadwall and Canada geese.

What is your dream hunting destination and why?

I think I already hunt in my dream destination. The tradition of waterfowl hunting with a gun in this area goes back to the early 1600`s so I`m walking in the footsteps of other hunters going back for over 300 years. 

How do you prepare for a hunt?

Carefully! We are often shooting on tidal islands where one cannot get back to the mainland until the tide goes out. It pays not to forget any of your equipment, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, once the tide comes in you`ll have to do without whatever it is you`ve omitted to bring. On one occasion it was cartridges. Whoops!

What has been your most challenging hunt? 

Every trip out on the foreshore can turn into a bit of an adventure. Deep mud, tidal surges and bad weather can conspire together to create unexpectedly dangerous conditions. We often access parts of the shooting area by boat which introduces a whole new dimension of risk.

What advise will you give to a new hunter?

Make sure that you join your countries main shooting association which will defend the sport from political threats. There is no point in being an expert hunter with all the best equipment if the politicians succeed in stopping it.

Why test for Deerhunter?

I`ve always been a fan of Deerhunter so having the opportunity to test clothing to destruction was too good to miss.

What do you think about the products you got for the test?

I`m testing the Muflon jacket, trousers, cold weather hat, cap and gloves. I can`t praise it all highly enough and with over 45 years of experience in the field I`m not easy to please. 

Anything in particular you like to highlight about the products?

I´m genuinely impressed with their quality. They are well designed, robust and good value for money.

Anything else you like to add?

I`ve done similar product testing for another manufacturer whose clothing I would not recommend and which I will not wear. I very much recommend Deerhunter and I`ll be wearing it all the time. I have my own professional reputation to consider and I will not jeopardize it by association with inferior products. I`m proud to recommend Deerhunter. It`s great kit!

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