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Guinea Fowl in South Africa


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South Africa is renowned as one of the best hunting locations in the world.

Offering a rich variety of animals, terrain and areas to cover. The North Province of South Africa is famously known for it’s breath-taking scenery, as well as some of the finest wing shooting in the world.

Bob and Alex Goss run the prestigious Cawood’s Hope Game Lodge in the famous Northern Cape of South Africa. This prestigious ground can only be described as a wing shooting paradise, offering a plethora of birds to shoot, from pigeons, doves, guineafowl, francolin, sandgrouse, geese, and all manner of duck. You really are spoilt for choice.

guinea fowl

I woke early morning to an incredible sunrise that you would only expect to see in South Africa. Along with my shooting companions, Matt Cole and Javier Lopez de Carrizosa, we set out for an action-packed day of wing shooting.

Trekking across the lodge’s impressive grasslands, there was a promising day of shooting ahead. The morning weather was frosty and cold but thanks to the Deerhunter Avanti Fleece Jacket in Realtree Xtra Green, I was fully prepared for a long day out in the field.

With a population of over 400 guinea fowl to choose from, hunting for these peculiar looking birds should have been an easy challenge. However, the beautiful birds proved to be as allusive as ever, causing us all to really have to think on our feet and constantly change tactics!

guinea fowl

Guinea Fowl are strange looking creatures, beautiful faces, a kind of mottled feather body, a little bit like a large pheasant back home in the UK. Then there is the prehistoric looking horn that grows out of the top of their head!

“Guinea Fowl shooting is probably the hardest shooting you’ll ever do in South Africa.” Says Bob Goss our host.

Sadly I was unsuccessful in harvesting Guinea Fowl, but for Matt and Javier it proved a good morning with the harvest of six.


Guinea Fowl



After a change in location, we had spotted four coveys of Orange River Francolin.  Orange River Francolin are about the same size as a grouse and they act a little bit like Quail. As you come up to them, they kind of tuck their heads down in the grass, you’ve got to get up close, and then flush the birds but you’ve got to be really quick.

Success in the afternoon for the whole team with a great harvest of Francolin to add to our Guinea Fowl.  All in all it was a great day out in the bush!

guinea fowl

This is the type of hunting I really enjoy. Of course driving, shooting and waiting in hides is very fun but actually getting out there, getting into the bush, tracking, finding your quarry and trying to out smart the birds is an extremely exciting part of wing shooting.

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