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Hunting Balearic Boc in Majorca


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The exotic island of Majorca provides what can only be described as a hunting paradise, boasting incredible views, weather and magnificent trophy animals.

hunting balearic boc

Balearic Boc are indigenous to the Spanish island of Majorca and they’ve become extremely adept to the rocky terrain. Constantly on high alert as well as being very agile and difficult to spot, the Balearic boc are a incredibly difficult species to hunt, especially in the searing heat of the Spanish sun. 

hunting balearic boc

On the island there’s been a lot of interbreeding with feral goats resulting in a hybrid species. These hybrids are distinguishable by their lighter coloured coats and must be managed to ensure a strong and healthy population for generations to come.

The day started early for Ian and Steve with a tough climb through challenging mountainous terrain. Taking into consideration the extreme temperatures, foliage and type of hunting, both Ian and Steve had opted for the lightweight and breathable design of the Deerhunter Avanti in Realtree Xtra® Green camouflage pattern.

hunting balearic boc

As we continued our ascent, the sun began to inevitably rise higher in the sky and so did the temperature. In such heat regular planned stops for glassing and re-hydration are incredibly important.  

hunting balearic boc

Sometimes you just have to stop, collect yourself and appreciate the magnificent scenery the Island has to offer.

Stealth and a perfectly executed plan is essential if you're going to get into range and take a safe shot at these illusive animals. There’s no doubting the effectiveness of the Deerhunter Avanti in this type of environment, lightweight, flexible and breathable clothing that the Deerhunter Avanti provides makes all the difference. 

After hours of hard work spent stalking, spotting and making their way across the island, the light started to diminish as the sun dropped behind the mountains. Fortunately, Steve spotted a great representative Boc. Here was Steve’s chance. 

hunting balearic boc

Utilising the impressive design and colouration of the Realtree Xtra® Green camouflage pattern to stay undetected, Steve and Ian managed to stalk through and find a rock on which to take a clear shot. As Ian read out the range Steve prepared himself and waited for the Boc to turn broadside and present a shot. As the Boc turned Steve pulled the trigger and placed his shot perfectly above the shoulder. The Boc went down just as a younger male appeared from behind the bush. It was clear to see that it had a severe leg injury and as with most injured animals they have to be managed. With another well executed shot, the injured Boc dropped.

Incredibly after Steve took his second shot a hybrid appeared and started quartering up the mountain and disappeared over the ledge. Ian and Steve headed in pursuit of the hybrid, finding a clear passage to get set the Boc at 180yards was still quartering up the mountain. Suddenly turning broadside Steve was well placed and prepared to take a clear and calculated shot.

hunting balearic boc

From trekking up mountainous terrain all day and to take three animals in the space of ten minutes, the experience was absolutely fantastic. To take two management animals out in the space of one day was incredible. Ian and I worked so hard throughout the morning and afternoon, it made the hard work and effort well worth it, brilliant.

Our choice for this hunting trip of a lifetime was the Deerhunter Avanti.

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