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Five steps to improve your bow hunting


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Accuracy and consistency are two factors that bow hunters’ need to master to achieve shooting success.

Here are our five tips to help develop your understanding and confidence in the principles of bow hunting.

Tip 1: Grip

Firstly, your grip on the bow should be comfortable and natural. Gripping the bow too firmly can have a serious effect on the accuracy of your shooting. Too much tension in the wrist will then inevitably induce what is called the ‘torque’.

A more flexible but still not completely relaxed grip can greatly reduce this. At the same time help absorb vibration and lessen the effect of the arrows arc movement as it won't travel in a straight line towards the target.

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Tip 2: Anchor

An anchor point is the place on your face where you pull the string back to consistently.

Once brought to full length it is essential you determine a ‘final anchoring point’ at the corner of your mouth or on the chin if you’re using a traditional bow.

Make sure you take into account the parameters such as string alignment and mode of delivery, namely fingers or ‘mechanical’. This will help ensure comfort and consistency.

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Tip 3: Aim

Depending on the mode selected (instinctive shooting or viewfinder) the approach is very different but nonetheless still requires consistency to obtain good results.

Although the use of a viewfinder is more comfortable in theory, it also has some drawbacks. Fatigue, stress and ambient light are factors that could disrupt your shooting.  It is essential to practice in real conditions to understand your limits and adapt your equipment accordingly.

Tip 4: Delivery

Regarding delivery (manual or mechanical) the consistency is even more critical than in the previous steps.  It is true that the efforts needed to master these techniques are consistent and that it can determine the quality of the accuracy.

With the help of a release aid you can choose a comfortable and fully adjustable model that requires only limited and localized pressure to the trigger.

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Tip 5: Follow Through

Too often beginners tend to drop their bow arm or immediately move after the arrow has left the bow window. Over time this often-unconscious reaction affects the accuracy and consistency of the shot.  The ‘follow through’ is to resist the desire to immediately check the target. You must simply try to stay in line with your initial firing position and observe the ‘release’ provided by the delivery.

Finally, Practice makes perfect!

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