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Pigeon Shooting – Concealment Is Key


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No matter how much experience a person has in the field, everyone is always learning.

This is especially true when trying to shoot quarry from close range. Airgun hunting and bow hunting are pretty similar in a way, due to the fact that you have to get very close to your quarry to make a precise and safe shot. At such close distances your equipment plays an important part of your hunt and Deerhunter recognise that.

With over 30-years experience of development and innovation, Deerhunter has culminated one of the most comprehensive, advanced and high-tech camouflage clothing portfolios in the world. Each camouflage pattern has been carefully selected to help maximise effectiveness when you’re hunting, no matter what the quarry, location or weather. 

For pigeon shooting Deerhunter offers a range of effective camouflage patterns that ensure you’re untraceable by your quarry. In particular you’ll need a full set of clothing and that includes gloves and face mask. As with all roost shooting, it takes place around dusk so the darkness will draw in. As the night draws in, your face, if uncovered and hands will stand out like beacons to any pigeons landing in the trees or on crops.

Deerhunter cheaha recon

Incredibly suited to wing shooing Deerhunter’s own 50-Innovation GH camouflage pattern features deep bold contrasts ideally for a variety of vegetation types throughout Europe. Especially in spring summer and early autumn. Deerhunter’s Cheaha collection offers you the complete set for pigeon shooting as the set features the practical Cheaha jacket, comfortable Cheaha trousers. Offering additional concealment is the Cheaha face mask, gloves and cap, to help conceal you and blend into your surroundings with ultimate stealth. 

Deerhunter Sneaky 3D Series

Deerhunter Sneaky 3D

Offering a 3D alternative is the Deerhunter 3D-sneaky series. Lightweight and undetectable, this camouflage clothing set will help you blend in with nature. Get closer to your quarry than ever before with the full Deerhunter Sneaky pull-over which features a hood with mosquito netting and trousers with an elastic waist. Accessories help take your hunt to the next level, Deerhunter Sneaky 3D gloves and face mask and the alternative face mask with a cap helps conceal you within the flora and fauna making the set particularly suited to wing shooting.

A few tips for shooting roosting pigeons:

- Make your move and get into a shooting position just as the pigeon is about to land. As it lands on the branch, it is concentrating on where it is landing and for a few seconds, drops its guard allowing you to lift the gun and get ready to take aim. 

- Don’t rush, although every second counts it is essential to keep calm and pick your shot carefully. Be mindful of branches that may deflect your shot. It pays to practice shooting at different angles. The trajectory of the pellet is totally different when shooting into the treetops and take account of the wind. It may not be blowing much where you are seated as you might be sheltered, but 40 yards upwards and there isn’t much shelter so the pellet will be prone to gusting winds.

- Watch the trees movements to gauge the wind and offset accordingly in the scope and hopefully you will be able to make a good bag if the birds are using the wood. Always check for signs of feathers below trees and pigeon dropping which are a sure sign that they are roosting in that area.

- Keep it safe, and retrieve as you shoot otherwise it’s very easy to lose birds as the night goes on. It becomes increasingly difficult to pick birds as the night draws in.

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