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Top Tips For Using a High Seat


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Safety should always be your top priority, not just your own but others also.

It is vital that your high seat isn’t facing towards any buildings, roads or livestock.

Public liability is also an important factor you must consider when setting up your high seat. If someone climbs up and injures themselves, you could have a serious problem. Make sure any seats you put out clearly display a ‘NO UNAUTHORISED USE’ sign. Photograph the seat in position showing the sign and keep it with any inspection records.

Take regular trips to your high seat, even on non-hunting dates. Check everything is still safely attached to the tree and that it hasn't sustained any other type of damage. A good idea would be create a short checklist of the vital components that will need checking over. 

high seat stand


Before you head out with your high seat, don’t waste time trying to guess where a good location might be, do some homework ahead of time.

Trail cams are a perfect source of information; always check your footage ahead of time to see what area the deer frequently visit. 

Trail camera

Take advantage of natural larder. Deer will readily take all acorns, beechnuts and chestnuts; you should always pay close attention to these areas. It's always best to use nature’s bounty as corn and other feeds can be expensive!

As the natural food diminishes, keep an eye on any feed rides and feed bins used by the game shoot. This can be an ace card at times or put your feed bins in place. BUT DON’T OVERSHOOT IT, otherwise it will work against you. You will push the deer away and defeat the purpose of having high seats.


Set Up

When locating your high seats, try to use the biggest tree you can. Stability is the key and a stable shooting platform will increase your chances of a kill ten fold.

Once you have decided on your spot a good idea would be to remove any branches that would obscure your view. Do get permission from the landowner before you remove large branches or chopping down any trees.

Use between a 3-5 tonne strap to secure the high seat to the tree. Remember, some seats can weigh over 40kg, not including your own weight and the equipment.

If possible, have someone come along to help you set up your high seat. Having an extra pair of eyes will help you make sure everything is laid out correctly and that you have a right angle. The last thing you want to do is spend the day erecting your high seat for you to have missed something and start all over again.

Preparing Your Shot

Now that you’re high seat is set up in the perfect location and safely attached to a tree, the waiting game begins.

You may be sitting in your high seat all day without any sign of a deer, you still need to be ready incase a safe clean shot is presented.

High seat

There is no guarantee what distance the deer will be from your high seat. You have to be ready to shoot at different ranges, but only do so if you have a clear view through your scope. Don’t take the shot unless you are 100% happy. If you are unsure about your confidence shooting at different ranges, spend some time practicing at a shooting range before you taking to your high seat.

Keep safe, be lucky, shoot straight and enjoy your time in the woods!

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