Camouflage patterns

Camouflage is a big part of the game and the hunter knows how important it is not to be seen in the wild.

Deerhunter® is the lead manufacture of quality camouflage hunting clothes. With leading patterns from Realtree camouflage and Deerhunter®'s own line of camouflage.

Deerhunter® Innovation

Color code 40

Deerhunter Innovation camouflage
Deerhunter Innovation camouflage

Deerhunter® Innovation has been created from a mixture of ground hunting scenarios, but also bird level scenarios. The 3D-effect is made more prominent via different earth coloured patterns in order to achieve the optimal camouflage.

Realtree Edge

Color code 46

Camouflage isn’t just clothing made of fabric printed with branches and leaves in a random pattern. When you want hunting camouflage which is designed to blend into the forest floor or the tree tops, Realtree Edge from Deerhunter® is the perfect choice. With its printed vegetation and true colours, the hunting camouflage is extremely realistic. The pattern incorporates elements such as leaves and branches that are designed to conceal the human silhouette. Warm grey and brown colours are combined with light and shadows which, from a distance, results in a deep look that ensures the pattern blends with its surroundings.

Deerhunter® Innovation GH

Color code 50

Deerhunter Innovation GH
Deerhunter Innovation GH

GH stands for ‘global hunting’. GH Innovation camouflage is versatile, light and open, and designed for different altitudes and climates. The camouflage pattern effectively blends with the surroundings and markedly distinguishes itself from conventional patterns currently available on the market. Thanks to its authentic contrasts and depth, the camouflage is perfect for most vegetation types in northern and southern Europe, while its greenish effects mean that it is particularly good during the spring, summer and early autumn. GH Innovation is the result of several years of targeted efforts by Deerhunter®'s development department to create a new and original camouflage pattern.

Realtree Adapt

Color code 62

Realtree adapt

Realtree Adapt is realistic and effective in a wide range of Deer habitats. Realtree Adapt works in any field or forest setting.

Deerhunter® Innovation GH Blaze

Color code 77

Innovation GH Blaze
Deerhunter Innovation GH Blaze

Deerhunter® Innovation GH Blaze is a mix of GH and Innovation by Deerhunter®. The high-visible orange and the deep contrast means you won’t be missed by fellow hunters. Safety for all situations!

Deerhunter IN-EQ

Color code 80

Deerhunter IN-EQ

Experience and science are the tools behind IN-EQ camouflage clothing – which has thus been created by hunters for hunters. In the work to develop IN-EQ camouflage colours, particular attention has been paid to the contrasts and the importance of the cool colours to make sure they function perfectly in both lowland and highland settings.

Realtree MAX-5

Color code 95

Realtree MAX-5

Realtree MAX-5 pattern elements are strategically placed to create super-realistic tone, contrast and shadow. Viewed up close, Realtree MAX-5 offers incredible detail. At a distance, the pattern obliterates the human outline completely. The result? Maximum effectiveness for your waterfowl success.

Innovation GH Snow

Color code 47

Innovation GH Snow
Deerhunter Innovation GH Snow

Changes in their familiar surroundings, and even the smallest movement can be seen against a white background. Snow camouflage is designed for this white biotope, and gives you the chance to enjoy the fantastic feeling that comes from bringing your gun to bear in a world of silence.


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