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Every hunter can probably recollect being on a good and exciting hunt which they have greatly looked forward to, only for it to be completely ruined by not wearing enough clothes. Cold is a dreadful thing that can easily shift your focus from what it’s all about – responsible and safe shooting, enjoying the hunt and the countryside and spending time together with your fellow hunters. A good hunting sweater is an indispensable item of clothing for a hunter!

deerhunter sweater
deerhunter sweater

Many hunters choose a good hunting sweater instead of a jacket. In particular, dog handlers and drivers who are moving about a lot – often in challenging terrain – want a lighter garment. Early in the season, for example when partridge hunting with pointers, wearing a hunting jacket may feel too warm, and the obvious alternative is therefore a sweater. It can also be nice to have an extra hunting sweater in your bag to put on between the beats so you don’t get too cold from standing still waiting. Deerhunter’s range of hunting sweaters meets every need, and will make any otherwise well-assorted hunter’s wardrobe complete.

Generally speaking, Deerhunter has a wide choice of knitwear, but you need to decide for yourself what exactly you need. On very cold days, a sweater with a high zip neck is preferable. The zipper is useful as it allows drivers, for example, to unzip the sweater at the neck when they feel warm from moving about in hard terrain. When the weather is milder, a thin crew-necked sweater will do. It’s therefore always a good idea to consider where and in which situations you’re going to be using the sweater.

Deerhunter hunting sweaters are all made from quality lambswool. As everyone knows, wool is an old and tried-and-tested natural material, and because of its inherent insulating and self-cleaning properties, it never goes out of fashion. Our sweaters are manufactured with many exclusive details such as suede patches on the elbows and in several practical colours which are also smart for everyday leisurewear.


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