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Hunting underwear

When talking about hunting clothing, the main topics are usually waterproof membranes, water column pressure, insulation and breathability. Warm sweaters, Softshells and windstoppers will also crop up. However, what is equally important is a good set of underwear – because it sits closest to the body. The inner layer of clothing, which lies next to the skin for the duration of the hunt, needs to be both comfortable and functional. It has to keep the body warm, and wick perspiration away so that you don’t feel clammy and cold when standing still.

deerhunter underwear
deerhunter underwear

When choosing hunting underwear, you should consider the outdoor temperature and the degree of physical activity. Usually, synthetic fabrics are recommended for warmer weather and for when you’re being physically active. In cold weather with low levels of physical activity, you should choose wool. Make sure that the innermost layer always sits close to the body.

Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep, which produces the best wool in the world; it is extremely thin and fine compared to ordinary sheep’s wool, and therefore perfect for underwear that must not itch or scratch. Merino wool has sublime insulating properties, as the small air pockets between the wool fibres maintain a constant temperature.

Deerhunter’s hunting underwear is specially manufactured to meet the needs of the hunter and active nature-lovers. Choose between a crew neck or roll-neck for cold days – with thumb holes for comfortable insulation at the wrists. Don’t underestimate the importance of good underwear! It’s the hunter’s best friend when the cold sets in, and the yearning to hunt forces you outside.

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