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Waistcoats for hunting

A good hunting vest is often an indispensable garment with its numerous features.

Dog owners often prefer a good vest, as a lot of dog training takes place in the spring and during the summer when a hunting jacket can be too warm. Dog owners appreciate being able to use the spacious game pocket in the hunting vest or dog training vest for dummies, lines and other important dog-training equipment.

deerhunter waistcoats
deerhunter waistcoats

Fleece vests are perhaps one of the most popular and most-used garments in all sports and outdoor activities. Hunters have also recognised the quality of a fleece vest, which is comfortable to wear when on the move. A good all-purpose vest quickly becomes your preferred garment – the one you quickly put on to walk your dog, or when you need to pop down to the local hunting association.

Moreover, a good hunting vest also doubles up as an excellent additional layer under your hunting jacket. On the shooting range, a good shooting vest is also invaluable. Here, good shoulder protection is needed as well as capacious front pockets which can withstand the wear and tear from the heavy cartridges. When the hunt involves a lot of physical exertion, it’s nice not to be wearing clothes which are too heavy. Therefore, many hunters only wear a sweater and a water-resistant vest – either a classic hunting vest or a hunting vest in orange camouflage. Deerhunter has a complete range of hunting vests in colours that match all hunting outfits and suit every purpose.


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