The history of Deerhunter

The great outdoors, freedom and excitement all rolled into one ... hunting attracts those looking for adventure and challenges.

This age-old sport had long been a passion for the Engel family, and in 1985, this passion was combined with the extensive experience which the family had built up since 1927 at producing functional clothing.

The result was Deerhunter®, today a popular hunting and leisure brand.

For hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, it is important that the clothing is wind and waterproof, breathable, and that the camouflage is adapted to the surroundings, the type of hunting, the vegetation and the terrain. Deerhunter® develops and designs apparel based on the latest technologies, and each garment’s properties are tested in relation to the climate, durability and functionality.

Deerhunter® is the right brand for hunters, anglers and others looking for durable and functional hunting and leisurewear at reasonable prices. Today, the brand is represented in more than 40 markets worldwide, and in 2009 Deerhunter® was granted a royal warrant as a Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court.

Lars and Carl Engel

From workwear to hunting clothes

Deerhunter is part of the family-owned textile company F. Engel, which was established in 1927, and which engages in the design, production and sale of hunting apparel, workwear, menswear and pants all over Europe.

In 2017, this international business in Haderslev in southern Jutland, which is today run by the third and fourth generations of the Engel family, celebrated its 90th anniversary. F. Engel is a healthy business enjoying strong growth and development, where there is a clear-cut division of work and a common goal that the company is also market-leading in 20 years. Investments are being made in long-term development, in the latest technology, in human resources and in the environment.

Strong values as a driving force

A pioneering spirit, kinship and good business acumen have been the hallmarks of the past 90 years. The Engel family is convinced that these strong values are the secret to the company’s success.

F. Engel employs 500 people, of which 150 work in Denmark while the remainder are employed at two factories in Lithuania and at sales companies in Europe.


Danmarks Jægerforbund
The National Gamekeepers Organisation

Bundesverband Deutscher Berufsjäger

Why we hunt

Every hunt is a story that unfolds around you. From the very first step your senses rise, you start to register every sound, smell and colour and no matter what path you choose through the woods, you are the main character, the hunter.

Somewhere out there, there’s an animal, you feel close to it, you feel challenged. You fall into the rhythm of the game, and follow its instincts and as you enter the heart of the hunt, your own breath becomes all that you can hear.

There will be a fight! The story will peak and within this tale, you feel touched by something epic.


We live in an ‘innovation age’, where creativity and know-how are the watchwords.

At Deerhunter, we also have a creative mindset, but not for creativity’s sake: it is functionality that motivates us. Our products build on our long-standing experience and on the belief that customer satisfaction is an all-important parameter.

The textile company F. Engel K/S was founded in 1927 as a family business. It was extended in 1985 with Deerhunter Outdoor Clothing, an obvious step in light of the Engel family’s enthusiasm for hunting. A passion which means that the products come into being out of a desire to create them, and that our company is not just a business, but a way of life.

Our motto is – hunting! Our vision of creating quality products with a high degree of comfort means that Deerhunter is now represented in over 40 countries, and that in 2009 Deerhunter was granted a Royal Warrant to supply Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Household, an appointment we are extremely proud of.

We take immense pride in delivering first-class products to all hunters – whatever they hunt and their hunting traditions.


Deerhunter launches a hunting apparel collection for female hunters.


In connection with Deerhunter's 30th anniversary, the company launches its new high-end product: "Mouflon", which is awarded a prize at BETA International.


Deerhunter® celebrates its 25th anniversary, and is now represented in more than 30 markets. The five-year Deer-Tex membrane warranty is introduced after 12 years of testing and quality approval


Deerhunter® is nominated to become purveyor to Her Majesty the Danish Queen and the royal Danish court


In addition to northern Europe, Deerhunter® expands into southern Europe and east Asia


3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation is added to the collection


Deerhunter® is the first manufacturer in Denmark to launch hunting wear with camouflage


Lars C. H. Engel is appointed manager of the Deerhunter® division


Deerhunter® expands outside Denmark into Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden


The brand Deerhunter® was established as a result of the Engel family's passion for hunting


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