Most animals do not register colours in the same way as humans.

They see contrasts! Consequently, the fact that the clothing is orange will not affect the hunting but on the other hand, it helps you and your fellow hunters to see one another clearly.

How your fellow hunters see you:

How animals see you:

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It’s important to be visible

This is particularly true for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users. However, it also applies to climbers, road workers, paramedics, hikers, sailors, kindergarten children in the woods, and all of us who hunt.

Hunters must follow some very simple rules if we are to feel safe when hunting. And we must. We need to be in full control of our weapons, always respect the designated lines both when walking and standing still, and we must be visible out there. It must be possible to see a hunter from a distance, so that it’s not just the person standing next to him in a chain, but indeed all his hunting companions who are considerably further away who can see him. This is where bright colours come into the picture.

You often hear the tired phrases ... “It has incredible signal value” or “It’s important to send a clear signal”. These expressions are used to talk about all sorts of things, but here – in the context of hunting – the bright colours, or signal colours, take on a meaning of their own. They are colours that send a clear signal: This is where I am sitting, standing or walking. Take care!

Even though “appearing” in signal colours when you go hunting is becoming increasingly common, I very much hope that even more Danish hunters will adopt the trend. And no – the game cannot see the signal colours. In this respect, their lives are as grey as grey.

Good hunting!
Hope to see you – also from a distance.

Claus Lind Christensen

Claus Lind Christensen
Chairman of the Danish Hunters Association

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