The changing seasons place new demands on hunting clothing. Here’s our recommendations for the new season.


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Lightweight, breathable and comfortable. The layered series, in the revolutionary Realtree Excape camouflage, keeps you warm and dry on the hunt. The series is available for both men and women.


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From a legacy of innovation and with decades of experience, Deerhunter is a functional clothing brand designed for people who never compromise when it comes to quality and their performance. Outdoors we’re in our element – adapting, pausing or in pursuit. With innovation that drives functionality, Deerhunter clothing is made for the hunt you’re on.


Our passion for hunting and the outdoors is who we are. It’s a journey that began in 1927 when the Engel family founded the F. ENGEL clothing company – a family-led business focused on functional clothing. F. ENGEL’s constant ambition to innovate within clothing enabled the functionality that has been at the core of the company ever since. It was Carl D. Engel, who in 1985 turned his passion for outdoor life into a business, establishing Deerhunter. Through F. ENGEL, this keen huntsman understood how clothing could be made functional for the toughest workplaces. This laid the foundation for developing functional clothing for hunters.


Our expertise in functional textiles and passion for outdoor living runs deep. We’re hunters like you, out there putting Deerhunter to the test. With authentic, first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the wilderness, we create clothing that is valued by hunters and adventurers alike. In pouring rain and freezing temperatures, on the move or standing still – Deerhunter guarantees optimal functionality and performance in all weather conditions.


Now run by fourth generation owners and brothers, Lars, and John Engel, innovation and functionality are still Deerhunter’s no.1 priority. As a part of the Danish design tradition, we prioritise function and simplicity above all. That’s how Deerhunter lives up to your expectations and the demands of the outdoors. For us, a step forward is developing another new feature in our clothing that optimizes your hunting experience and performance. Every detail has a purpose.


Sold and worn in more than 40 countries around the world, we stay true to the standards set by our founders. Deerhunter is for the adventurer in us all. Our recognized products are developed by hunters for hunters and outdoorers. As our knowledge of the outdoors grows, so too do the products we bring to market – made for all adventurers.

By royal appointment

In 2009, Deerhunter was granted a Royal Warrant by her Majesty the Queen as a Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court.

OUR heritage

Hunting and nature is part of us. It’s who we are. With decades of experience stitched into every item, Deerhunter keeps you protected whatever you’re up against. We know what it takes to be outdoors. Because like you, we were born for it.