Here are some gift ideas that really hit the spot for the hunter in your life, and which suit all occasions. Looking for ideas for your wish list or a gift for the hunter who has everything? Below is a selection of our top gift recommendations for the hunter and the outdoor man. We have split them into price tiers to make it easier to find the right gift for the man or woman who loves hunting and the outdoor life.



GIFTS FOR HER UP TO £ 80 / € 80

This category includes lighter clothing such as shirts, waistcoats and warm undergarments.

GIFTS FOR HER FROM £ 65 – £ 130 / € 80 - € 130

This price range includes warm transitional jackets in fleece and quilted versions, waistcoats and trousers for hunting and leisure.

GIFTS FOR HER FROM £ 130+ / € 130+

This category includes warmer hunting sets. Hunting gear with reinforcements and membranes. Hunting gear in camouflage colours and leather trousers.

MEN UP TO £ 80 / 80 €

This price range includes a wide selection of t-shirts, polo shirts, underwear sets, shorts, shirts and safety coloured vests.

MEN FROM £ 65 - £ 130 / € 80 / 130 €

This category includes knits, warm quilted transitional jackets, shooting vests, Ghillie sets and a wide range of jackets for hunting and outdoor.

GIFTS FOR HIM FROM £ 130+ / € 130+

This price range includes hunting sets with membranes and reinforcements, available in a variety of camouflage colours. Applicable to all types of hunts.