Chose the right hunting apparel
Clothes that keep you warm and dry when the weather shows its teeth are a must. But what is most important when you need to invest in hunting apparel? The more you are going to use your hunting apparel, the more important it is to invest in the right products from the outset. Will most of your hunting clothes be used for hunting which involves a lot of movement in moderate weather conditions, or does it need to be suitable for extreme weather conditions while you remain relatively still? Quality is a key factor. If you have to buy hunting apparel on a restricted budget, you are well-advised to save a little on the inner and intermediate layers and spend more on the outer layer of clothing (outer fabric).


the mid layer
The insulating intermediate layer typically comprises a shirt, fleece, pile jacket or similar. If the temperature exceeds 10-15 °C, and there is no rain and only a light breeze, there is no real reason to wear more than underwear and a fleece. In windier conditions, a windproof/breathable fleece would be the more comfortable option. The advantage of a fleece is that it breathes better than a conventional outer shell, which is designed to withstand even the heaviest rain. The fit of your fleece is incredibly important. A soft chunky fleece may feel great when you try it on in the shop, but if it is too thick, it will be too bulky to wear under a jacket. A fleece is undoubtedly the most popular choice for the insulating intermediate layer of clothing, as it dries significantly faster than wool. If you need to be cost-conscious, a fleece is one item you can economise on.


The outer shell
When the weather is at its worst, it is the outermost layer – or outer shell – which provides the most important protection. If you are moving about a lot, you will seldom need more than one intermediate layer under the outer shell – for example a thin fleece. More intermediate layers or thicker layers will be required mostly in connection with stationary hunting. If you are very active, your outer garment needs to be wind and waterproof – as well as being breathable, so that you are not left drenched from within. Here, choose one of Deerhunter’s products with a Deer-Tex® membrane, which is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.


The right accessories

Some of your body heat is lost from the head, so it’s important to wear the right headgear. Hands and feet also need to be kept warm, so that cold does not spread to the rest of the body.