Better Cotton contributes to the development of better practices in cotton farming. Through our membership, DEERHUNTER supports the dissemination of Better Cotton's initiatives to improve social and environmental aspects of cotton farming. The initiatives address crop protection, water, soil health, biodiversity, fiber quality, decent work, and management systems. DEERHUNTER’s work is based on the conviction to support the local communities from which the products are bought.

Better Cotton is based on a Mass Balance system, where the cotton is purchased from Better Cotton farmers, after which it is mixed with conventional cotton. The products are manufactured through the Mass Balance system and therefore do not necessarily contain Better Cotton. However, the Mass Balance system ensures that the cotton is purchased from Better Cotton farmers, which supports motivation and learning about cotton production, social conditions, and nature protection. DEERHUNTER commits to cooperate with Better Cotton as part of the company's development. We commit to purchasing at least 10% of our cotton from Better Cotton, and we want to increase this to 50% by 2025. By choosing our cotton products, you are also helping to support our investment in Better Cotton, and the initiatives and principles we work with through this initiative.