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Hunting trousers are probably the item of clothing which is exposed to most wear when hunting, as you’re often down on your knees, traversing impassable terrain with blackberry bushes or scaling high seat hunting ladders and towers. A pair of proper hunting trousers must be comfortable for stalking over long distances, and above all they must match the hunting and the habitat in which they are being used. It’s therefore very important that you choose the right trousers to suit your needs.

deerhunter jagtbukser
deerhunter jagtbukser

Deerhunter has a large selection of quality hunting trousers which are carefully manufactured on the basis of our hands-on hunting experience. Every detail is carefully considered, and no compromises have been taken as regards their features and usability.

More and more hunters are travelling further afield to hunt in other biotopes and for different species to those that are found closer to home. It’s very important that you closely acquaint yourself with the conditions at the destination in question, so that you take the right hunting trousers and other hunting apparel. Deerhunter manufactures, for example, unique and modern hunting outfits which are equipped with extra Hitena reinforcements in exposed areas. This can be an advantage when hunting on rocky slopes and in other rugged terrain which demands a lot of your hunting apparel, especially your trousers. If you’re an active hunter, it’s a good idea to choose hunting trousers with a high degree of breathability and with a wind and waterproof Deer-Tex membrane.

Each series in the Deerhunter range has its particular fortes to meet the hunter’s requirements for maximum usability. Our hunting trousers are more than just hunting trousers, and whichever series you choose at Deerhunter, you’re guaranteed maximum quality.


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