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Hunting headwear & Accessories

Accessories are all the small essentials that make a big difference on the day when you’re standing, walking or sitting out there in the great outdoors! Some accessories are simply designed to add a festive touch, while others are important items which you can easily overlook in your eagerness to set out. It’s only when you’re perched on a high seat with frozen fingers that you remember your smart hunting gloves which are still lying at home in the drawer. Or when you show up for the hunt dinner and realise that you’ve forgotten your favourite hunting tie with its stylish pheasant pattern.

deerhunter accessories
deerhunter accessories

Accessories are always good to have with you. Whether it’s a tie that adds a stylish and appropriate touch to your outfit, or a pair of knee pads for your hunting trousers that will protect your tired knees when crawling across stony terrain as you stalk your trophy buck.

On rainy or cold winter days, it’s important to have the right gear that keeps you dry and warm – in particular your feet, neck and hands, which are all exposed. Once your fingers or toes start feeling the cold, it spreads to the rest of your body, and it will soon feel like a long day.

It’s important that you prioritise good basic equipment. Then you can shop for less essential items as you wish. All hunters should have at least one thin pair of shooting gloves for mild weather. If you’re standing or sitting still in the wind for any length of time, thin gloves can help to prevent your fingers from feeling cold. On cold winter days, thicker gloves with a membrane are a good idea. The same applies when choosing headwear. Some prefer hats – while others choose caps. You can also choose a face mask for extra camouflage when, for example, crow hunting, blind hunting or stalking.

Hunting socks are available in short and long models – thick and thin, and made of wool. There is a big difference between how quickly your toes freeze, depending on whether you have to stand still for a long time or you’re going on a long hiking trip. Choose a sock designed for the purpose in mind, and make sure to select the right size so that it sits snugly around your foot.

Deerhunter has a wide range of accessories, including belts, braces, dog cushions and other practical equipment.


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