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Rainwear for hunters

Anglers are not the only ones who step outside whatever the weather – hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts are also drawn outdoors by the urge to expose themselves to the elements and experience nature to the full. But sometimes you need to find your rainwear to avoid a washout!

deerhunter rainwear
deerhunter rainwear

Hunting rainwear for the hunter must, like other hunting apparel, offer a high degree of comfort and good freedom of movement. It’s not enough that your rainwear keeps the water out, although that of course is its main purpose. Deerhunter manufactures a wide range of rainwear, but first you need to decide why and where you’re going to use it. Stretchable PU materials that are 100% waterproof ensure good freedom of movement for a hunter in pursuit of his quarry. It is recommended for heavy rain, but not for long walks where breathability is a significant factor. If you need a set of rainwear with good breathability for a hunt where you expect to move around a lot, choose rainwear with an integrated membrane. Our rainwear is available in green and dark colours, or in camouflage, for example for buck or duck hunting.

It can be a very good idea to choose a set of rainwear which can be worn over your regular hunting apparel. When hunting, it’s very practical to be able to quickly put on a raincoat when it clouds over, and very nice to be able to take it off again when the sun bursts through. There is every reason to make life as easy as possible for yourself, which you can do by choosing apparel from Deerhunter’s wide range of rainwear specially designed for the hunter.


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