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T-shirts and polo shirts are basic essentials that belong in any wardrobe. Deerhunter has a wide selection of exciting models, which are all made to a high quality from good and wear-resistant fabrics.

deerhunter t-shirt
deerhunter t-shirt

The important thing with a T-shirt or polo shirt being worn as an inner layer is that it has a good fit, so that the T-shirt works well with the other garments that you’re wearing.

Cotton T-shirts and polo shirts have traditionally been worn both as everyday clothing and for work and leisure. This is because they are extremely practical and comfortable to wear because they are made from soft cotton, which is easy to wash and which can be worn time and again. T-shirts are available in both long and short-sleeved versions, and are ideal for wearing as an inner layer for buck hunting in the summer or as leisurewear when it’s hot.

A polo shirt is a classic garment that can be worn with shooting trousers, outdoor trousers and jeans or when going out to parties. The polo shirt is used within all fields of sports, and has proved its versatility over many years. Deerhunter produces T-shirts and polo shirts in several different models.


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