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Not everyone thinks about how many features a hunting jacket can have. Hunting apparel is not just green clothing which is practical for wearing outdoors – it has many functions and is available in a wide choice for specific types of hunting. A hunting jacket which is going to be used for active hunts where you will be moving about a lot has to meet special requirements. Here, for example, breathability is important – while other properties are required when the hunt involves sitting still in the freezing cold. Here, good insulation in addition to the membrane is crucial.

deerhunter jacket
deerhunter jacket

At Deerhunter, we’re passionate about manufacturing good-quality hunting apparel. We test the clothing’s suitability for different types of hunting, and test all the products in the environments for which they are designed. Deerhunter products are made by hunters for hunters in a complete range for every occasion and taste – for example camouflage, stretchable or extra wear-resistant fabrics for hard terrain.

The Deerhunter range comprises everything from jackets with a waterproof and windproof Deer-Tex membrane with an insulating Thinsulate lining to all-purpose hunting jackets and Softshells for the active hunter. A stylish tweed blazer is also an option for hunters wanting smarter attire for the hunt dinner in the evening. Deerhunter is a leading player at developing and manufacturing camouflage. Producing genuine and lifelike camouflage is an art. Hunting jackets are available with camouflage to suit all natural habitats and seasons – even when the landscape is covered by a blanket of snow or it’s important to ensure the highest possible safety conditions.

The Deerhunter collection also includes hunting apparel – and thus hunting jackets – for women. Here, the design needs to be shaped accordingly to ensure good comfort and ample freedom of movement during the hunt. A women’s hunting jacket needs all the same features as a men’s jacket, but with a more feminine look.


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